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Online Business Bachelor Degree Programs


An online business bachelor degree offers the important managerial and financial skills that are required to get a wonderful future. Now it is very popular to get your bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree online. Most online programs teach students how to improve their companies’ performance and hoe to manage either people or numbers. They make them able to be more creative, manage projects and analyze the given data.

There are a lot of colleges and universities offer online bachelor degree in business administration. Those are the 3 top universities:

  1. Penn State World Campus


It is located in University Park, Pennsylvania and it is the online campus of The Pennsylvania State University. It presents more than 125 graduate and undergraduate online degrees. The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree program offers a wide range of subjects such as business law, accounting, finance, business logistics, economics, management, and marketing. This university gives the student to add extra options to his study including a financial services option, entrepreneurship option, accounting option, management and marketing option, and individualized option. The online degree program includes 120 credits


  1. University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management


It is location is in Amherst, Massachusetts which was established in 1964 and offers about 250 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. It includes the following majors: Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations & Information Management, and Accounting. The online courses include cost accounting, corporate finance, bank management, fundamentals of marketing, and much more. The credits of the program are 120 ones.


  1. Temple University, Fox School of Business


Its place is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it offers about 500 different degrees programs. The student is very free to choose one of those majors; Accounting, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Legal Studies in Business, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. The courses are variable and several including international marketing, public policy, customer data analytics and entertainment law.